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Vocabulary (in this context)



تصمیم راحت بدون احتیاج به فکر کردن

without knowing what fate has cooked up for somebody

بدون اینکه بدونیم سرنوشت برامون چی نوشته (چه سرنوشتی برامون رقم خورده)

in the middle of no where

وسط ناکجا آباد

not somebody’s strongest suit

خصوصیت و مشخصه قوی در شخصی نبودن

go wrong

خراب شدن، بهم خوردن

to somebody’s horror

باعث شوکه شدن کسی شدن

In the end

نهایتا، در انتها

bail on somebody

بی خیال کسی شدن

put somebody on edge

بی تاب یا عصبانی کردن

put somebody at ease

خیال کسی رو راحت کردن



This is one of a kind episode, cooked right here in the house, an original episode about Speaking in International English Language Testing System or more commonly known as IELTS.

Initially, we’ll cover basics of this part in IELTS. Then we will have a sample question from Cambridge English IELTS series, book # 12 academic module, test 5.

In this part of speaking test, you are given a cue card including series of questions with a pen and paper in order to make note in 1 minute. After that you must speak for up to 2 minutes. During this time there will be no interruption, and after 2 minutes you will be stopped by the examiner, so you don’t need to worry about the time.

In order to get a higher score on ILETS speaking, you need to vary your structures and use lots of words.

In the sample cue card we have these questions:



Describe an occassion when you had to wait a long time for someone or something to arrive.

You should say:

   who or what you were waiting for

   how long you had to wait

   why you had to wait a long time

and explain how you felt about waiting a long time


And now you will hear one possible answer to these questions.


To be honest with you it’s no-brainer for me. I vividly recall the occasion which I had to wait for 4 hours. My best friend works abroad and he had to fly back to Tehran to validate some work permits alongside other documents for extending his work visa. Everything had been planned carefully without knowing what fate had cooked up for us. He was supposed to land at 4 am, so, unsuspiciously, I got to Imam Internation airport, few minutes earlier. I was listening to music through my earphones with paying as less attention as possible to my surroundings and I wasn’t showing even slightest interest to the timetable. Few minutes passed, I had been waiting there for around 30 minutes, and being patient is not my strongest suit so I started to wonder what could possibly have gone wrong. I stood up and ambled to take a look at the timetable. To my surprise, it said that the flight had arrived 5 minutes ago! At that moment I got worried that he might have arrived and was looking for me at the moment. I asked the information and I was told that there is a problem with the timetable and they would update the information on that thing as soon as possible and also I was informed that the flight had delay for an hour. And this is the part that the whole thing got more interesting, after 1 hour that monstrous timetable was announcing that the flight had more delay and this time, to my horror, the delay was unknown! In the end, he arrived at 8 am, I was dying to know what or who had kept me waiting in that abysmal airport for around 4 hours in the middle of no where. Looking worse than me, he said they had had an emergency landing in India and he had been being aboard the whole time.

I was getting more and more frustrated by seconds, and I was so closed to bail on him! But the thing that was unbearable was the fact that I didn’t have any clue about the time that he would arrive. Moreover, the staff at the airport was acting in a way like it’s a prevalent thing and not a big deal; that put me on edge. But having seen my friend in the most miserable condition, put me at ease that at least I hadn’t been in his situation in a long long-haul flight.


And that was it.

This sample took more than 2 minutes but all the questions would have been answered within  2 minutes.

Just remember make your speaking and also your writing colorful with words and structures.

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